Sparked by the celebrated TED conferences worldwide—whose mission is Ideas Worth Spreading—TEDxBend is our very own locally organized event, featuring a dozen talks, demonstrations and performances under 18 minutes each.


Aside from a license to use the TED name, and some general guidelines, it’s up to the local organizers to produce and promote the entire event.

Our agency is honored to be among the 100 volunteers and sponsors making it happen. Along with providing organizing leadership, creative direction and support for the event itself, we are responsible for branding the event and promoting ticket sales.

A conscious decision was made to withhold the full presenter line-up until the day of the event, so that audience members would come with an open mind—so our challenge is to create anticipation and intrigue around a pretty big unknown.


Posters, print, radio and TV ads nod to an abstract, interpretive theme for the event and announce the event date and ticket release date. And for some TED heads, that’s enough—calendars are marked in Sharpie pen. For the uninitiated, a multi-page insert offers how-to advice and reveals two presenter names. Social media stokes the flames.

Last year’s event sold out 1,400 tickets in 7 hours.

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